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You should be on the lookout for these possible abuses in the marketplace.

1. Car dealers and other vendors who arrange financing often do not realize that they are subject to state or federal credit regulations which can result in voiding the sale or other remedies.

2. Mortgage lenders who manipulate fees and points to avoid certain federal regulations can end up paying special enhanced damages and be subject to other remedies.

3. Many new and used car sales are "spot delivery" sales that violate state title laws, Truth in Lending and many other laws.

4. Creditors and others who furnish information to credit reporting agencies may be violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act by not adequately reinvestigating information which is challenged by consumers.

5. Bill collectors may be systematically violating the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

6. A large number of used cars are sold with serious undisclosed wreck damage resulting in large punitive damage awards to deter this misconduct.

7. Some mortgage lenders and other merchants frequently engage in "reverse redlining" a practice which violates ECOA and the Fair Housing Act.

8 .Certain automobile manufacturers are ignoring consumer lemon law rights which have resulted in very large damage awards.

9. Deregulated utilities often violate basic federal and state consumer protection laws.

10. Mortgage lenders are commonly misapplying payments in Chapter 13 bankruptcy plans and adding impermissible fees.
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